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Get inspired! Learn a lot! Find out what works and what doesn’t!

These books will get you started and get you there. They have been written…and read…by the top experts in the world of tiny houses and downsizing. I have learned SO MUCH from these people and am so grateful to them for sharing their knowledge.

Microshelters, by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

This beautiful book is filled with pictures, designs, tips, and ideas from Deek Diedricksen, creator of, HGTV host, author, musician, and artist. Deek knows the ins and outs of tiny building and he is great at sharing his knowledge. You will get unique, creative ideas here along with lots of practical tips and plans. Get it here.

The More of Less, by Joshua Becker

This book starts out with Joshua Becker spending a beautiful Saturday cleaning out his garage, instead of playing in the yard with his son. I was hooked from the first page, because I thought, “This is my life!” He’s been to my house! This book is so easy to read and in it you will learn how to deal with paper clutter, the difference between technical obsolescence and functional obsolescence, and how to choose “only the best.” Joshua teaches ways to use “experiments” to make it all easy and even fun. Get it here.

90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more) by Felice Cohen

Felice Cohen, author and professional organizer, isn’t kidding…she really did live in 90 square feet, and did it very well, by the way! Each page of her book contains practical, doable tips on how to get rid of the clutter and be organized no matter how small your space is. When I get stuck in the downsizing process, I just pick up Felice’s book, turn to a random page, and do what is there. Love it! Get it here.

turning tiny, compiled by Darin Zaruba

This is where it gets real. This is where you read over 60 stories written by people who are actually living tiny. They share their journeys, the daily realities, the ups and downs, and the decisions, right or wrong, that they have made along the way. Read this one. Really! Get it here.

Building Small: Sustainable Designs for Tiny Houses & Backyard Buildings, by David and Jeanie Stiles

I don’t have this one yet (but I really want it!!!) I have heard the Stiles speak and seen their work, and they are experienced builders who really know what they’re talking about. This book will give you all the practical advice and tips you need to really make your build happen, along with 7 detailed tiny house plans. Did I mention I want this one? Get it here.

Just so you know, if you buy anything from these links, I’m an affiliate so I’ll get a little money. It doesn’t cost you any more and it helps me keep this website going. Thanks! PS I never represent anything that I don’t actually have, use,  and really like, or is on my wishlist because it’s something I want.