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What Happens to Tiny Houses During a Hurricane?

You might be surprised at the answer. Several Florida tiny house owners recently learned just how tough their tiny houses are! During the Tennessee Tiny House Festival, Hurricane Irma was paying a visit to my home state of Florida. I wasn’t sure if our traditional house on a foundation would be there when we got […]

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Veterans Community Project (VCP)

Retired Marine Kevin Jamison once had to say “no” to a homeless Veteran in need. That experience led him to co-found the Veterans Community Project, a group of Veterans who are “determined to fulfill the unmet needs of homeless Veterans, a task accomplished only by the community for the community.”   A mission to eliminate […]

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Tiny House Expedition

Meet the People Who Inspire Us One of the best parts of the tiny house world is the wonderful people involved in the movement. So many of them are creative, brave, and caring enough to work towards a better world for us all. Going to tiny house gatherings and festivals is a great way to […]

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A Tiny House Community for South Bend, IN

The pocket type neighborhood in South Bend (which just happens to be my former hometown!) would include 12 to 20 tiny houses, ranging in size from 250 to 400 square feet. The Tiny Living Community, still in the planning stages, will target millennials, baby boomers and those just wanting to downsize. The tiny homes will […]

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