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Why Not Me, Indeed!

I’ve had to reinvent myself many times due to life circumstances. The best gift I’ve ever received is from my mom, who taught me that if I wanted something I should just go out and make it happen. Much to her chagrin, I took this literally and had some adventures that scared her, but she […]

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Veterans Community Project (VCP)

Retired Marine Kevin Jamison once had to say “no” to a homeless Veteran in need. That experience led him to co-found the Veterans Community Project, a group of Veterans who are “determined to fulfill the unmet needs of homeless Veterans, a task accomplished only by the community for the community.”   A mission to eliminate […]

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Tiny House Expedition

Meet the People Who Inspire Us One of the best parts of the tiny house world is the wonderful people involved in the movement. So many of them are creative, brave, and caring enough to work towards a better world for us all. Going to tiny house gatherings and festivals is a great way to […]

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What’s Right For You?

Living a tiny life is about learning your priorities. My dear hubby once designed the home he wanted us to build.  It was a very small house which was dwarfed by a massive 3 stall garage.  When I suggested that maybe he needed to rethink the sizes, he said, “You’re right. It should be at […]

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This Old Truck

I know we’re supposed to be grateful for everything we have – and I am, I really am!  In my brain, anyway.  But that never stops me from being annoyed about what I think I should have… I hate our truck.  My husband is a consultant so for several months a year our car is […]

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