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This Old Truck

I know we’re supposed to be grateful for everything we have – and I am, I really am!  In my brain, anyway.  But that never stops me from being annoyed about what I think I should have… I hate our truck.  My husband is a consultant so for several months a year our car is […]

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5 Surprising Things We Learned from the Lunsfords’ Tiny House (and a Bonus Tip!)

 1. You don’t have to put the bed in the loft. Most tiny homes use the loft for the bedroom, which does give you useful space below. But before Grace and Corbett Lunsford built their tiny house, #tinylab, they spent a couple of nights staying in different ones to see what tiny living was like.  […]

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Convertible Table

Here are 2 cute, practical, and best of all, DIY ideas. You could do this one yourself with a couple of small, reclaimed bookcases and a tabletop, cut in half and put back together with a couple of butler tray table hinges. Here’s another great DIY idea, from Offbeat + Inspired.  I can picture having […]

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