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Tiny Industrial

Chris Schapdick may say he’s a tiny house builder…

…but I say he’s an artist!  His tiny homes are functional, true, but they are filled with artistic details designed by Chris. The man has an eye, for sure! Take a look at 2 of the tiny homes he has built, and I’m sure you’ll agree. Check out the video tour of the 40 sq. foot tiny pictured here; then below, there are pictures of Chris’s 145 sq. foot tiny home that he built for himself and his daughter. 

Tiny camper gypsy vardo by Tiny Industrial

This took Chris 6 weeks to build. It weighs 1750 lbs. and can be towed by most vehicles. It is built on a 5×8′ trailer, has an aluminum roof, and can be taken off grid using the battery. You can buy this as is, but Chris will also build and sell the shell so you can finish it yourself.

Want something bigger?

Tiny Industrial home, shell built by Tumbleweed

This tiny home is 145 square feet, with a full bathroom complete with shower, a tiny fridge, a loft bedroom, and Chris’s beautiful finishes. 

Bed in tiny house loft

I keep thinking it’s real…

Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t going bad, it’s a blurry photo. But at least you can see where the tiny fridge lives.

Visit Chris at the Tiny Industrial website and on Instagram. If you are interested in some of the cool items he makes, like that skateboard lamp or the copper trivet, check out the Tiny Industrial Etsy shop.