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Method to NOMADness!

Ross and Sheena are 2 very cool people with 2 adorable dogs and a super cool tiny house.

They are on a great adventure and in their words, “Our only goals are: enjoy life, avoid the snow, and go to every National Park to which we can drive.” Sounds pretty good to me!

They set out on their journey in January, 2017, in their 200 square foot home which is built on a gooseneck trailer. The trailer and shell came from Tiny House Chattanooga. With materials and labor, their home cost around $65,000. It has a Volstrukt steel frame, a metal roof, and spray foam insulation.  They use solar and electric power, with an electric split unit for heating and cooling, and a tankless, propane water heater.

Ross and Sheena are both CRNAs, so they are supporting themselves as they travel. Luckily, they take some time out for Tiny House Festivals…be sure to look them up! You will love them and their home…and the dogs, of course!

Love that wall, the guitar, and that wall map where they keep track of all their travels!

Tiny house kitchen with full size range and fridge

View into the kitchen with a full size range and fridge, lots of counter space and storage. The stairs are a nice size with plenty of storage, too. Check out the slide out dog bowls!



 Ikea folding table in tiny house

Closer look at the kitchen. Notice the Ikea folding table next to the counter. Such a great idea and more storage, too!


Large, farmhouse sink, so useful in a tiny house.

Don’t you love this large, farmhouse sink? A large sink is so useful in a tiny house.


Tiny house bathroom with composting toilet and washer/dryer combo.

The bathroom has a composting toilet and a washer/dryer combo.


Round shower, and a great cubby for storing linens in this tiny house!

Cute round shower, and what a great cubby for storing linens. No wasted space in this tiny house!

Method to nomadness tiny house seating area

Check out the comfy seating area

Method to nomadness tiny house kitchen

Another view for more details!


Ross and Sheena in their tiny house, Method to NOMADness

Told you they were cute! And really nice, too.

tiny house pets in sleeping loft

Their dogs are very cute, too! Hey, the sign does say “Sleeping Loft,” right?

Be sure to follow Ross and Sheena’s journey on their blog, Method to NOMADness, and visit them on Facebook and Instagram.