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A Skoolie You Have to See!

You’ll be amazed when you see the inside of this bus!

Known as the Midwest Wanderers, Luke and Rachel Davis built, live, and travel in their skoolie. The unadorned exterior does not prepare you for what you see when you get inside!

Midwest Wanderers Skoolie

Wait…that’s a school bus ceiling? No way!

Luke and Rachel raised the roof, literally. It is beautiful, and makes the interior so light and airy, not to mention giving more storage and more room for, well, everything.

Stepping into this bus made me change my mind.

Craig has been talking about doing a skoolie for a while now, and I have been…let’s just say, unenthusiastic. But now, after seeing how beautiful the interior can be, I am on board and we will be looking for our bus soon! (Sorry, Rachel, for not quite getting you into this photo!)

Every detail is gorgeous, and functional, from the full-size appliances to the beautiful copper behind the wood stove.

Check out the reclaimed wood wall!

Reclaimed wood wall in skoolie

…and the beautiful kitchen!

Don’t you love that range? The refrigerator is across from the sink.

school bus conversion kitchen

Their bed is above…

…making a cozy little nook below for their adorable daughter.

The bathroom and shower

Attention to detail makes this bus so special!

Check out Luke and Rachel’s blog, Midwest Wanderers to learn about their adventures, and visit them on Instagram for more pictures.

Here’s some really cool news!

Are you thinking about doing a bus conversion? (Yes, we are!!) Check out Luke and Rachel’s exciting new venture at SKOOLIE.com. Whether you are looking for a bus that’s ready to roll, some help along your journey, or consulting services, they are there to help. Hey Luke and Rachel, we’ll definitely be giving you a call!

Luke Davis, Midwest Wanderers