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A Tiny Build – Right Before Our Eyes!

No Fear!

Gwen McShepard believes it starts with a dream, and she is making her dream come true. In spring 2017, Gwen started making plans to build her own tiny house…herself!  She spent some time planning and researching, and in late August she began the build.

Gwen decided to build her tiny house with the help of Thom Stanton, founder of Timber Trails, Go Tiny, and the Housing Development Institute, in Ashland, Alabama. Thom is also a terrific presenter at many tiny house festivals, and he proposed a surprising idea to Gwen: he suggested they transport her trailer, tools, and materials to the 2017 Tennessee Tiny House Festival, and build it there. In front of everyone! Right in the middle of the festival!

Gwen, with her usual attitude of “No Fear,” said yes!

They worked like crazy, with Gwen doing most of the cutting and nailing of the boards, to get it all ready. This tiny house will be Noah certified, so they got the trailer and floor inspected before the trip. Then they hit the road, unloaded it all right in the middle of the field at the festival, and started to work. This video shows the beginning, the first day of 3, and did I mention how hot it was right in the middle of that field with no shade? That didn’t slow them down, though. The plan was to get it framed and ready to head for home by the end of the 3rd day.

Gwen in her tiny house, that she is building with her own 2 hands.

Gwen did have some building skills before starting this project. She has volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, and through her job at Lockheed/Martin she knows how to measure, cut, and fabricate.

Gwen hopes to be living in her new tiny house by October at the latest.

She will still have finish work to do, but she is excited to actually be living in the home while she finishes it.

Gwen, Adam Lehman (on the ladder), and Thom Stanton are hard at work.

Yes we can…use power tools!

The sheathing panels are going up!

Adam Lehman from A New Beginning Tiny Homes, did a lot of work on the build.

At the End of Day 3, it’s a Tiny House!