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This Boat Doesn’t Float!

This unique tiny trailer, appropriately named the Pirate Ship, has so many cool features, and it was all made for under $500.00!

The Pirate Ship was handmade by Tj Albert, who tells the story behind its creation in the video. 80% of the materials are salvaged and recycled, so the whole thing cost less than $500.00.  It weighs less than 1,000 pounds, making it easy for his Mom, Kathy Gilmartin, to tow with her car.

Kathy and her grandson hanging out in the Pirate Ship.

Kathy in her Pirate Ship

Kathy’s sister made the cool whale door handle.

The door handle is a whale.

The Pirate Ship won BEST DIY MODEL at the 2017 United Tiny House New Jersey Festival!

Best DIY award 2017 United Tiny House NJ Festival

D.O.G. enjoys the Pirate Ship.

D.O.G. in the Pirate Ship