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The One Thing I Absolutely HATE to Do!

I talk a big game about downsizing and decluttering.  I think I do okay…but here’s the dirty little secret, the thing I’m terrible about, the thing that is taking up way too much space in my house and I can’t move them all and I HATE dealing with it.

Boxes full of photos

These boxes are full of photos and memorabilia.


It’s pictures. We have boxes full of them. Every vacation, the kids growing up, our nieces and nephews and students and weddings and pets and and and…

I know there are so many ways to do it. Put them in albums. Go through them and get rid of duplicates. Who needs a hundred pictures of sunsets? Make scrapbooks for family members. Scan them into the computer.


It takes a lot of time to scan them into the computer. Or it takes money. Of course even if we pay someone else to do it, we don’t want to scan them all, so it still takes hours to go through and choose which ones to keep. We keep saying, “We’ll have time when we retire.” Well, okay…but that means we have to move all these boxes and store them until we retire.


Photo box

This little box stores 1600 photos!

I came across these photo storage boxes. What a lifesaver! Each one has little compartments, which I just put the pictures in without having to go through them all. (Have to save something to do in retirement, lol!) I did sort them by year and made labels with the year and the subject.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that TWO of those big boxes fit into ONE of these storage cases.  Each one holds 1600 4×6 pictures!

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

There were pictures in the big boxes that were too large for the storage boxes, so I put the large pics loosely into the sleeves of photo albums. Here was my mistake, though. I found 12×14 scrapbook albums on sale for $2.00 each! They were really nice, with protective sleeves so I could just slip the pictures in for safekeeping and worry about mounting them later. But they were too big. The biggest photos we have are 8×10, so an 8.5×11 album like these will be perfect. They’ll be easier to handle and take up much less space on the shelves.  The albums come with 10 pages, for 20 photos, but you can buy the refills and expand them a lot. You can also get pages for smaller photos if you want to include them. This is definitely my next step!

Photo albums

These 12×14 albums are too big for the shelf

My sister-in-law saw my photo boxes…

and got right on her phone and ordered the set of two. Now that tells you something, when my family members think I had a good idea!  LOL!


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