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Why Do We Do It?

People are always asking me, “But why do you go to all these tiny house festivals?” For one thing you can actually get inside lots of tiny houses to see if it’s really for you. Plus, there’s a wealth of information to learn at the festivals, the people are so cool, and, well, here are some pictures to give you an idea of how much fun it all really is!

You meet fun people…

Like Grace, Corbett, and little Nanette Lunsford, who received the award for Best Tiny House at the 2017 Georgia Tiny House Festival, presented by John Kernohan. If you want TONS of information on building healthier and more efficient homes, check out their Youtube channel or visit their Building Performance Workshop website.

Grace and Corbett Lunsford receiving an award from John Kernohan

Also people like Shorty Robbins…

who works incredibly hard as one of the organizers of the United Tiny House Festivals. She has an authentic Civil War era tiny house that you will love, especially the piano bed. No, I’m NOT kidding! Check it out here and on Facebook at Shorty’s Tiny House- the build and beyond.

Shorty Robbins of United Tiny House Festivals

Then there’s Teeny, the Tiny House Mascot …

oh yes, and Dustin Diedricksen, Andrew Odom, of Tiny r(E)volution, and Deek Diedricksen, of Relaxshacks. These 3 guys are not only funny but they are full of practical knowledge and tips about building tiny houses. If you want to know about tools, these are the guys!!!

You get to tour lots of tiny houses,

tiny houses at the Florida Tiny House Festival

see some amazing skoolies,

school bus skoolie

and vardos…even one made for dogs!

Learn about alternative energy systems

check out steel framing and other options,

and sometimes you even get to eat home-made ice cream!

Home made ice cream

If you want to go to a tiny house festival or workshop, check out the events calendar to find one near you. Meanwhile…I have to go pack for the next one!