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Meet Tiny House Guru Michelle Boyle!

This gal!!! Michelle Boyle!!! If you haven’t heard her speak or read her blog, get ready for some fun.

Michelle Boyle Tiny House Podcast

Michelle has built her own tiny home, My Empty Nest, while working a full-time job.  She is the host of Tiny House Podcast, writes for Tiny House Magazine, travels around the country speaking at tiny house events, and is now building her SECOND tiny house called My Tiny Perch.

And…she has written all about the process in her blog, My Tiny Empty Nest.  It is chock full of useful information about all aspects of building, including lots of detailed pictures showing the build from the trailer onward.  You can also visit her on her Facebook page My Empty Nest.

Michelle Boyle, even though we live about as far apart as possible to still be in the continental U.S. of A., I WILL come visit you sometime and hopefully stay in your tiny village. First we will go shopping for a cool outfit (but I can’t do those heels, I’ll stick with the boots thank-you-very-much.) Then we will go out on the town and laugh all night.

Until then, THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and experience with us all, and by the way, you and Andrew Odom on stage together…now THAT’S a good time!!





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  1. Teehoney says:

    Your an inspiration Thank you

  2. Emine says:

    I admired you are doing wonderfull job
    I live in new jersey,I would like to have tiny house,could you help me???
    Thank You

    • Leanne says:

      Hi, and thank you. New Jersey is a bit difficult since at the current time, I don’t know of any place that actually allows you to live in a tiny house full time. However, there are people in tiny houses there; I’m not sure if they are in rural areas or possibly on private land so no one is bothering them. There is a great meetup group in New Jersey with members who are working to make tiny house living legal there. Here’s the link: https://www.meetup.com/Tiny-Houses-in-NJ/ Also if possible, try to get to a tiny house festival and talk with builders and other knowledgeable folks who can help you. You can find festivals here: http://tinyhousesandbeyond.com/events/
      Good luck and I wish you all the best!

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