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Veterans Community Project (VCP)

Tiny House built by Zack Giffin and the Veterans Community Project

Retired Marine Kevin Jamison once had to say “no” to a homeless Veteran in need. That experience led him to co-found the Veterans Community Project, a group of Veterans who are “determined to fulfill the unmet needs of homeless Veterans, a task accomplished only by the community for the community.”


A mission to eliminate Veteran homelessness…

VCP is creating a specialized community of tiny homes and onsite services to which will address the cause of each Veteran’s homelessness and eventually lead to more successful permanent housing.

Zack Giffin, from the FYI show Tiny House Nation, teamed up with VCP to build their first tiny house. It’s a beauty!

“At the heart of Veterans Community Project is a belief in community.

Through the power of community, VCP will provide Veterans the tools necessary to achieve a stable and prosperous civilian life. Housing and services are provided at no cost to the Veteran, therefore the success of Veterans Community project is contingent on the generosity of the community.”

How you can learn more about Veterans Community Project.

To learn more, donate, or volunteer, visit VCP’s website and follow them on Facebook.  Please consider sharing this, because wouldn’t it be great to bring this concept to communities nation-wide!