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Tiny House From the Ground Up, part 2

Walls! Roof! Loft and Porch! Alan has been working hard all fall to get his tiny home in upstate New York ready before winter.

We have been following the progress of this tiny house on a foundation Alan H. is building in upstate New York since its birth as a design on paper. He works on it on the weekends.

The walls are up! This is such a beautiful setting.

Tiny house walls are up.

Alan’s neighbor has a firetruck which he used to lift the large beam into place.

Lifting the roof beam into place.

Alan says “I chose 2×6 wall studs so I could use an R21 insulation (6″). The floor and ceiling were constructed to allow for R38 insulation (12″) in an effort to maximize the efficiency.”


The rafters are up and the house is tarped, waiting for a roof.

Tiny house tarped rafters

New porch and steps. This is a good look at how the house sits on the pilings.

Porch and stairs



Love this roof! Alan explained, “I chose a steel roof so the snow doesn’t build up, even though the roof angle is rather steep.”

The roof front view

Tiny house roof

Tiny house porch

Here’s an interior view. The space is 16.6×27 with a 9×10 loft.

Loft in the tiny house

Here is the finished well. For more pictures and to read part 1, click here.

Finished well at tiny house.