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Not so TINY Resources

Solar power. Composting toilets. Conserving water. Places to stay in a tiny house. Links to learn more. Follow us here for resources and articles on all types of natural energy, water collection, and other ways to save money and protect the environment.

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Tiny House

Follow the real journeys of people who actually living in or building tiny houses and other alternative housing. They generously share their experiences, what it was like to downsize, how they made their plans and even where they got materials. Get useful information along with lots of pictures and how-to’s.

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Support for TINY Business

Do you need a new website or to revamp your existing site? Do you want to start your own business but you aren’t sure where to begin? Maybe you would like to blog about your tiny house experience. I will help you get it all going. I am dedicated to helping you make your tiny business grow.

Latest Blog Posts

Why Do We Do It?

People are always asking me, “But why do you go to all these tiny house festivals?” For one thing you can actually get inside lots of tiny houses to see if it’s really for you. …

The Periwinkle Tiny House

My favorite thing about this tiny house is…
its owner, Patti Cannan! Well, and the colors, and all the personal touches Patti included in it which just make it one of the happiest tiny homes I’ve …

Meet Tiny House Guru Michelle Boyle!

This gal!!! Michelle Boyle!!! If you haven’t heard her speak or read her blog, get ready for some fun.

Michelle has built her own tiny home, My Empty Nest, while working a full-time job.  She is …

Veterans Community Project (VCP)

Retired Marine Kevin Jamison once had to say “no” to a homeless Veteran in need. That experience led him to co-found the Veterans Community Project, a group of Veterans who are “determined to fulfill the …

2017 Tiny House NC Street Festival

Tiny Houses! Dynamic Speakers! Workshops! North Carolina in the springtime! You know you wanna be there!
Tiny house fans from all over will come together April 21-23 in Pink Hill, NC to tour tiny houses, attend …

Tiny Houses to be in Bankruptcy Auction

More than 20 tiny homes will be included in an online auction on April 4, 2017. The homes are located in northwest Alabama and are part of a court ordered liquidation of the company, Lil’ …

What’s it Like to Work with Leanne?

  • Gina Villanell, P.A., ginavillanellrealtor.com: When looking for someone to build my website I stumbled upon Leanne and I am beyond pleased with her work! Leanne listened to all my needs and answered every one of my questions in a clear and concise manner. She continues to be unbelievably helpful and professional - I highly recommend her!!!

  • Kari Cooper, yurtgrrl.com: Leanne’s special skill that I love is that she got to know me right away, and made my website such a strong reflection of who I’m building Yurt Grrl to be, as a brand and an ideal. That’s what she does; she’ll understand you and shape the site to be what you need it to be.

  • Ross Miller, royalpelican.org: Leanne Stephens recently set up a new (and our first) website for the Royal Pelican Condos on Fort Myers Beach, FL. We’re very pleased with the site, the layout, ease of access and support. We certainly recommend Leanne for website development.